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The enormous demand for (fossil) energy makes the availability, affordability and delivery of the desired quantities less self-evident. In addition, the impact of energy consumption on the environment and the contribution to climate problems also require a fundamental change of course.

30 to 40% of the energy requirement is intended for heating purposes in the built environment. From 2020, only energy-neutral homes may be built. This calls for new and good building constructions, whereby an optimum contribution is made to the insulation of new and existing buildings with a minimum of its own energy content. Isostuc has developed such innovative products.

The product developed by Isostuc is an innovative building system that is suitable for new construction and can be used in renovation projects. Also as exterior wall insulation and as an insulated wall and floor system with a heating-cooling element. Isostuc building systems consist of complete facades, constructed from optimally insulated steel and/or wooden constructions to which an Isostuc element is mechanically attached as both the outer facade and the inner wall. The Isostuc element consists of a polyisocyanurate foam sheet of PIR or Resol with a fine-meshed 3D reinforcement mesh that has been formed into an indivisible unit during the production process. Isostuc sheets are available in the dimension 120 cm x 300 cm.

It is also possible to supply other desired dimensions.

Unique features:

  • Highest insulation value with low wall thickness. (Rc – 10 KW/m at 30cm wall, traditional construction Rc= 3.0 KW/m)
  • Light in weight
  • No radiation pollution
  • Reduction of noise and vibration
  • Strong thanks to 3D network
  • Durable and fireproof
  • Energy-efficient in every season


Iscostuc panels for floor and wall heating/cooling:

  • To be used as a load-bearing floor. The sheets are constructive, they can be attached directly to the beam layer
  • Refining existing floors (for renovation
  • Gaining space (a thin floor, compared to other systems)
  • To be used as a floor and as a wall
  • To be used for both heating and cooling
  • Distributes the temperature efficiently, thanks to the 3-D mesh
  • To be used for both thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Finishing with no restrictions
  • To be be used as main heating (due to good insulation)
  • Easy installation in practically every situation
  • To be connected to a central heating boiler and/or heat pump