Innovation & Technique

The three-dimensional reinforcement mesh on the surface acts like a Faraday cage that reflects 95% of radiant energy. The remaining 5% of energy is effectively rejected by the insulation package, so that there is virtually no heat transport in the facade, which means it has the highest insulation value in the world and is energy-efficient.

The Benefits of PIR polyisocyanurate rigid foam panels are:

  • The insulation value is very high, even with a small thickness
  • PIR has good fire retardant properties
  • In case of fire, no harmful fumes are released from PIR sheets
  • PIR is easy to process
  • PIR does not absorb moisture and can also be used in a humid environment
  • The material can also be used on flat roofs
  • A vapor barrier is usually not necessary. The PIR insulation boards in most cases have a vapor barrier

In the summer, the heat stays outside and in the winter it stays inside. The mesh together with the poured cement mortar layer creates a very strong structural impact-resistant disc. As a result, the elements are stiff and strong enough to stack up to 5 storeys high without constructive auxiliary structures. Due to the enormous stiffness of the linked sheets due to the 3D network, an enormous stiffness is also created, which results in the best earthquake and hurricane-resistant system in the world.

To quickly and easily meet the energy target, the question is not how we can limit our energy consumption, but how we can best use and preserve the (natural and generated) energy already available.

If we are inspired by nature, we see that the atmosphere is our intelligent shell that ensures a relatively steady climate on earth. This shell limits global warming on the one hand, but also retains heat from the inside (the natural greenhouse effect).

The system is very suitable for both single and multiple production on site or in the factory. The prefab facades are ideally produced as large as possible, if desired with a full finish. The assembly on site is then simple and very fast. Depending on the degree of prefabrication, the work on the construction site is reduced to a minimum.

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