About Isostuc

The Isostuc product is a patented innovative design. It consists of a PIR rigid foam board and a cast-in steel wire mesh according to Bekaert specifications, which has been formed into an indivisible unit during the production process.

In collaboration with big names in the construction industry, Isostuc has become a great success and is now used worldwide to insulate and renovate buildings to the maximum.

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Isostuc has a fully automatic production line and -in-house innovation specialists, where the latest developments are processed in the products 24/7.

Applying Isostuc

he product developed by Isostuc is suitable for new construction and renovation projects, but also particularly for housing in earthquake and hurricane areas.

It can also be used as exterior wall insulation and as an insulated wall and floor system with heating and cooling elements.

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What is possible with Isostuc?

  •  To be used as a load-bearing floor. The sheets are constructive, they can be attached directly to the beam layer.  
  • Refining existing floors (for renovation)
  • Easy installation in practically every situation
  • To be used as floor and wall insulation
  • To be used for both heating and cooling, so that conventional heating radiators can be dispensed with and thus achieve more free walls.
  • Distributing the temperature effectively, thanks to the 3-dimensional mesh and grid distribution
  • Can be used for both thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Finish off using stucco, brick slips, synthetic panels or wood, there are no restrictions
  • Can be used as main heating by installing heating hoses in Isostuc flooring sheets and/or wall heating and then connecting them to the central heating boiler and/or heat pump
  • Can be connected to a central heating boiler and/or heat pump

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